Father Eric Nielsen

Pastor – Executive Director of St. Paul University Catholic Center

Fr. Eric Nielsen has been the Pastor of St. Paul’s since 2006 and a priest of the Diocese of Madison since 1995. The oldest of seven children, Fr. Nielsen grew up in Oshkosh, graduated in 1984 from the UW in Civil Engineering, and entered Mundelein Seminary in 1990. As a young man he enjoyed a lot of outdoor activity and travel but now spends most of his time at St. Paul’s encouraging students to focus on study and prayer as a path to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.

  • Fr. Eric coordinated a multi-million dollar campaign to rebuild the St. Paul’s church and Catholic student center.  Opening up in November of 2017, the new building of St. Paul’s is now a highlight of the UW campus Library Mall and is constantly filled with students eager to grow in their faith.
  • St. Paul’s will be the recipient of the 2018 Relevant Radio Christ Brings Hope Award.
  • Fr. Eric is also the program director for the Rome Experience – an intense six-week program that takes place in Rome offering seminarians from across the US courses in theology, and history of the church accompanied by a robust spiritual formation.

For more information: uwcatholic.org